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The Scott Healy Ensemble’s “Hudson City Suite”

2014 Grammy® Nomination for Best Instrumental Composition
“Koko on the Boulevard”

Following a year of rave reviews and national jazz radio airplay, Los Angeles composer, performer, and Conan O’Brien keyboardist Scott Healy scored a 2014 Grammy nomination for his ten-piece jazz ensemble tour de force Hudson City Suite.

Scott Healy’s Hudson City Suite unites past and present musically as well as conceptually, bridging traditional big-band swing with lithe jazz modernism. -Downbeat Magazine

Hudson City Suite Cover

Healy reveals himself to be a composer of serious sonic merit. -Jon Regen, Keyboard Magazine

Profoundly beautiful…like Hindemith meets Kenton and Ives at Mingus’ house for lunch…a soundtrack for the movies in his mind. -Bill Milkowski

Healy has conjured up a captivating, amazingly varied and colorful range of sounds and moods with just a tentet here, showing that less can be more in jazz ensembles. -George Kanzler, NYC Jazz Record

There’s nothing more you can say about this session other than it’s a four star showcase of killer playing unfurling a load of beautiful music. -Midwest Record Review

…a thrilling panorama of sounds and moods… -Jazz Weekly

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