“Drum Sandwich” by The Coalition
From Naked Movies

It’s a digital Frankenstein – cut together from two separate studio demo sessions, with lots of keys, samples, resamples, MORE bass and guitars…plus there are two drum sets – my tribute to the Allman Brothers.

Naked Movies by The Coalition

“Christmas Day” by the Scott Healy – Glenn Alexander Quartet
From Northern Light

Glenn’s great tune. We recorded this entire record direct to 2-track DAT in 1991 – that’s the way to go.

Northern Light by Scott Healy-Glenn Alexander Quartet

“Song Without Words” by the Scott Healy Ensemble
From Song Without Words – 1989

Recorded in NYC, this record was digitally reissued last year on bandcamp.com.

 “Ain’t Nothing but the Blues” – Scott Healy Big Band
Recorded live at Vitello’s Jazz Club in Studio City, CA, 8/3/2011

Dig Daniella’s blues here – it’s a 17-pc big band, I wrote a lot of notes for it.

“Hey Claude” by the Scott Healy Ensemble
Live at Vitello’s, 11/29/2012

I wrote this in dedication to who some (and I) consider the first “jazz” composer: Claude Debussy.

“Good Rockin’ Daddy” Scott Healy Ensemble featuring Ruby Friedman
Live at Vitello’s

LA diva Ruby Friedman KILLS this Etta James tune – holy cow….

“Effection” for Amplified String Quartet and Three Percussion

I wrote this for the West Coast Composer’s Collective, April, 2012

“Sighs and Whys”
From Street News by Bob Magnuson, comp. by Scott Healy-1993

I want to say that this is music from a simpler time – but this is a pretty intense tune with a cool vibe and some great playing.