“Drum Sandwich” by The Coalition
From Naked Movies – by The Coalition
Featuring Glenn Alexander, Michael Merritt, Scott Healy and Shawn Pelton

It’s a digital Frankenstein – cut together from two separate studio demo sessions, with lots of real Farfisa (Combo Compact Deluxe), Rhodes (1974 Fender Rhodes 73 Stage) and Clavinet (Hohner D6 with new strings, pickups and hammers), resampling and processing using Reason, DP and Abelton Live, MORE bass, MORE guitars…plus there are two Pelton drum sets – (Allman Brothers you’re thinking?) – I guess I had more time on my hands in those days.


“Christmas Day” by the Scott Healy – Glenn Alexander Quartet
From Northern Light

Glenn’s great tune. We recorded this entire record direct to 2-track DAT in 1991 – that’s the way to go.

Northern Light by Scott Healy-Glenn Alexander Quartet

“Song Without Words” by the Scott Healy Ensemble
From Song Without Words – 1989

Recorded in NYC, this record was digitally reissued last year on bandcamp.com.

 “Ain’t Nothing but the Blues” – Scott Healy Big Band
Recorded live at Vitello’s Jazz Club in Studio City, CA, 8/3/2011

Dig Daniella’s blues here – it’s a 17-pc big band, I wrote a lot of notes for it.

“Hey Claude” by the Scott Healy Ensemble
Live at Vitello’s, 11/29/2012

I wrote this in dedication to who some (and I) consider the first “jazz” composer: Claude Debussy.

“Good Rockin’ Daddy” Scott Healy Ensemble featuring Ruby Friedman
Live at Vitello’s

LA diva Ruby Friedman KILLS this Etta James tune – holy cow….

“Effection” for Amplified String Quartet and Three Percussion

I wrote this for the West Coast Composer’s Collective, April, 2012

“Sighs and Whys”
From Street News by Bob Magnuson, comp. by Scott Healy-1993

I want to say that this is music from a simpler time – but this is a pretty intense tune with a cool vibe and some great playing.