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Downbeat CoverDownbeat Magazine – March, 2013

Wow! An profile article in Downbeat. I’ve been reading this mag since I was 14, I remember the transcribed solos in the back (“Spain” by Chick Corea from Light as a Feather, Zawinul’s “Euridice” from Weather Report), and of course all the feature articles and record reviews. I’m honored and frankly blown away. Writer Shaun Brady hits all the points, and took my hour-long, typically rambling interview and made it somehow work and make sense.

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Coastal Composer

by Shaun Brady

Conan O’Brien’s very public firing from “The Tonight Show” in 2010 not only sent the talk show host to a new network; it relocated him to the opposite coast. One fact that was overlooked while the media feasted on the host’s rancorous feud with NBC and Jay Leno was that when O’Brien’s new show debuted on TBS, a band full of New Yorkers had been transformed into Angelenos. Five nights a week, Scott Healy can be seen manning the keyboards for Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band, just as he had done for its predecessor, The Max Weinberg 7, since the 1993 debut of “Late Night With Conan O’Brien.” The adjustment to life in Los Angeles was difficult, Healy says, but the decision to make the move was not. (view full article…)





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