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“Jazz Arranging for Keyboardists”, from Keyboard Magazine April, 2013

We do so much work with computers – we might forget how to write for real instruments. Jazz arranging, while it will never become a lost art, might loose some of the subtleties that the masters have taught us.

I’ve been writing for Keyboard Magazine for almost ten years, and I’ve seen it go through many changes, many new formats, writers and editors. The current incarnation with Stephen Fortner as editor is, as Moe Green says, “bigger and swankier than any of the rub joints in Vegas”.  They recently brought back full, notated, lessons covering everything from basic technique to advanced topics. Keyboardist and songwriter Jon Regen edits these lessons, and in addition, covers much of the other feature writing for the magazine. I have always wanted to do something for them that talks about jazz arranging for real instruments, especially since so much of what we do is un-real work on computer.

It’s been a while since I wrote a lesson for them, and I was excited when Jon asked me to do an jazz arranging “primer” for the April issue – and here it is; I didn’t hold back nothin’.

There are audio examples of this lesson, click here to listen on keyboardmag.com.

Jazz Arranging Primer 1-2 Jazz Arranging Primer 3

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