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Interview for Film Music Media

Posted 1/4/1 at filmmusicmedia.com.

Composer Interview: Scott Healy

Scott Healy is a Grammy nominated composer, producer and performer who was recently nominated at the Grammy’s for his piece “Koko On The Boulevard”. Scott can also be seen weeknights on TBS as part of Conan O’Brien’s Basic Cable Band on Conan. Scott is a terrific talent and he shares how he got started in music, which eventually led to music composition. His album Hudson City Suite is an instrumental jazz album, and we talk a lot about writing an album like that versus writing film music. Scott talks about his approach, structure and execution plus everything that inspires and influences him. Scott also talks about performing on late night television for 20+ years now with Conan O’Brien, and what it’s like being with a band for that long. We discuss his love for big band recording and how that style of composing is true art as we discuss great film composers like Henry Mancini. It was a true pleasure and honor to speak with Scott, and his passion for his music can be heard with every note he writes.Interview Conducted By:
Kaya SavasSpecial Thanks:
Scott Healy
Jeff Sanderson
Dan Barry
Chasen & Company

Photo Credit: Lisa Tanner


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