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So much for hating music theory.

I did just finish a blog post at Professorscosco where I go on and on about linear harmony. Check it out!

It’s got some cool graphics, like this:

Linear 2

I don’t know (or care) if it’s the correct term, but what I call linear harmony involves forgetting what you know about chord “progression” and instead thinking about broader and less defined tonal movement. Tension and resolution happen (though not necessarily where you expect it)…and perhaps there is never a cadence, a ii-V, or even a tonic key center.

Linear motion can imply sharp harmonic movement, or more subtle sound/color movement, with or without a predefined chord progression. Chords can happen though, and if you look up and down you might see some recognizable harmonies. You’ll definitely hear them. So let your ear be your guide as you write, stop playing roots and start writing lines.

Click to view the entire article, including scores and audio examples…
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