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Beth Hart on “Conan”

It’s always great to play real Hammond B3 – no “clonewheels” allowed…

Yesterday I had the opportunity to play with vocalist and pianist Beth Hart on Conan.I played one of Lon Cohen’s Hammond B3’s, a 1959 with a percussion mod. I used my own Leslie 122, first modified by Al Goff and then worked on in LA by keyboard guru Frank Rich.

I first played Hammond when I was about 6 yrs old at my grandma’s house. She had a M3, and she taught me the drawbars and the legato organ technique. She also taught me how to turn it on, which came in handy the first time I jammed on a B3 in high school. I already knew what to do, even thought I really didn’t. I think of her every time I crank up the tonewheel.

I need to do more of this, it’s good for the soul. Plus it’s always good to see live music on TV, especially artists being backed by studio musicians and house bands.

Here’s a link to the teamcoco.com page with the original content.

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